Partner Program Management


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Partner Program Management

In Channelplace, you can completely map, implement and evaluate your partner programs:

Partner Levels

Careful planning is the basis for a successful partner business. Put business and sales plans of your partners where they belong - in your partner directory. Comprehensive reports provide visibility of targets and achievements.

Partner-On-Boarding Self-Service

Routing rules assign new partner applications to the right partner manager. Checklists and workflows ensure that a proven onboarding process be respected. For larger partner you can simply turn on self service registration without having to compromise on security and access control.

Business plan templates ensure comprehensive and comparable information

Business & Sales Plans

Diligent planning is the basis for successful partner business. Record business and sales plans of your partners with corresponding targets where they belong - directly at the partner record. Comprehensive reports provide visibility of targets and their status.

MDF & Coop Funds Management

Your channel partners apply for MDF and Coop funds through an easily customizable online application form. Thus the information will be complete, well-structured and easy to evaluate - complete with approval workflow and status information, activity tracking and reporting. 
Sales opportunities may be assigned to an MDF campaign in order to track revenue generated by a specific event. 

Forms and Workflows

Support your partners with channel events, pomotions and other offerings. With our forms and workflows you can make it easy for your channel partners to request a service and with our notification policies, dashboards and reportings help you track progress and evaluate your strategy.

Turnkey Partner Finder

Maintain a dynamic partner finder to give your channels visibility and make it easy for potential customers to find local expertise. Define which partners and information to display and filter by and track any contact requests in the portal. The integrated contact form generates email notifications to partners and their channel managers.

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