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Portal & Integration

With us, you get no one-size-fits-all PRM system. Use our standardized version with workflows and business rules to get started and take it from there. We encourage you to tell us your specific requirements and ideas as our innovative architecture is designed to be extremely flexibly and adaptable.

Rule-Based Workflows and Task Reminders

Automation is required to support a growing partner base. Most workflows inside Channelplace are configurable and support flexible rules to route requests to the right people. Dynamic lists help to target information. Due dates, reminders, and email notifications help users to stay on top of their tasks.

Application Integration and Single Sign On

Channelplace has a very comprehensive API concept. We support REST and SOAP interfaces for inbound transactions. For outbound transactions we have implemented callout and webout concepts. Our customers use our APIs to integrate with CRMs like Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM 360, and with other solutions like Helpdesks and eLearning Platforms. We support Single-Sign-On using SAML and OAUTH standards.

The Channelplace API makes it easy to integrate 3rd party applications


Intuitive editors simplify the creation of content like news, services or materials. No HTML knowledge is required!

Attribute System

You want to gather additional information during the partner registration process? Create new document categories? Customize the partner onboarding or deal-qualification check-lists? - Simple create additional attributes for partners, contacts, deals, documents or services via the user interface.

Multi-brand Support for Value Add Distributors

Channelplace can be used for multi-brand channels. Our CMS makes it easy to assign different templates to groups of pages. Based on credentials, or DNS settings, the site is displayed differently. This is an ideal environment for vendors with a multi-brand strategy or for distributors managing the channels of various vendors.

Customizable User Interface

We provide the technology, you determine the design: the Channelplace user interface can be fully customized to your corporate design.


Every content element can be prepared as a multi-lingual item. Users can send  messages in their preferred language, while  message recipients read the content in the language of their browser, or their chosen profile language.

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