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Partner Marketing incl. TCMA

Make it easy for your partners to promote and sell your solutions. Provide your partners access to the latest documentation at any time. Marketing automation with comprehensive co-branding and personalization options allows you to control the messaging going out while your partners run marketing campaigns for your products with little effort of their own. Increase your reach by preparing information for social media sharing.

Social Media Campaigns

Prepare announcements, documents or email templates that your channel partners can easily broadcast via Email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.


Enable all your affiliates - employee, partners, customers - to distribute all marketing campaigns with co-branded content. Logos, pictures, names, phone numbers or any other information can be inserted automatically creating added incentives to spread the information.

Channelplace Library

Channelplace enables you to organize a comprehensive sales tools library, and target content based on intended audience. All standard formats are supported: documents, presentations, videos, links, or any other media formats. 

Targeted Communication

Organize your partner network in dynamic lists to target your messaging. Send content only the right people based on the relationship they have with your company.

Analyze the reach of your campaigns and know your key multipliers

End-to-end Reporting

Channelplace includes detailed and exportable reports about any aspect of your broadcasted campaigns. By including Channelplace integrated landing pages you can measure the conversion of your campaigns from shared distribution to the final "call to action".

Detailed Analytics
Conversion Tracking

Any content distributed is identified by a unique, individualized link. This allows you and your affiliates to gauge the success and impact of each message, campaign, contributor or an entire channel.

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