Leads & Deals Management


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Lead & Deal Management

Deal Registration

Make it easy for your partners to register deals. You determine what information the partners must provide, an approval workflow supports the processing and reminders are sent when deadlines are coming up. Your partner will be automatically informed about all status change. An integration with CRM systems is easily possible thanks to our comprehensive API and there are ready-made templates for common applications.

Channel Conflicts

Catch potential channel conflicts before they become an issue. Channelplace alerts you if two different partners want to register a project for the same customer.

Deals are shown in a fully customizable window

Deal Tracking

Always remain up to date through real-time alerts or daily summaries of all changes: what activities does the partner plan? What progress has been made? Where should you step in to support the partner sales team?

Policy-based Tasks
Policy-generated tasks help to maintain valuable and clean data: the system reminds of actions or milestones that are overdue, of expired or expiring deal registrations, of deal registrations that must be approved or rejected and it also checks deals to discover inconsistencies or missing information.

Sales Support Services
Your partner can request sales support services quickly and easily - such as, for example, trial licenses, demo support, PoC support, information material, etc. These services can be automatically linked to the deal registration, which enables you to evaluate the information with a view to the success of the project.

The partner account manager
  • can filter for deals assigned to a specific partner or partner contact
  • sees a visual alert that helps him recognize channel conflicts 
  • can approve or deny deal registrations
  • can insert or ask for status updates
  • sees the complete deal history at a glance
  • is supported by a deal qualification checklist 

Lead Distribution

Leads can be entered directly into the system or imported via third-party tools (CSV or API).  can automatically allocated to partners. Channelplace supports rules for qualifying, ranking, and scoring of leads.

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