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Business Intelligence & Channel Analytics

Reporting Engine

Channelplace has a generic, extensible reporting infrastructure, which enables you to analyze all information available. Users can create and save individual views, exports the data in various formats or have scheduled reports sent to his inbox.

As reporting requirements vary widely, we offer standardized reports that enable you to access all all data, as well as a selection of standardized charts and KPIs. Any additional reporting requirements will be covered when a project is started and implemented accordingly.

Create you own views, get reports regularly in your inbox, group, filter, analyze and export data in various formats

Partner Scorecards

Identify and compare your most active partners. You can evaluate all activities, distribution channels, and campaigns, not only for analysis purposes, but also to define incentives. Organize contests or publish leadership boards, make it interesting for your partners to spread your messages as much and as often as possible in order to continuously extend the reach of your campaigns..

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